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Discerning Massage
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How to Book

I take a limited number of bookings Monday to Friday (the latest being 12noon ) I dont work evenings or weekends or do out calls.  The hourly rate is £80.

Unfortunately it’s not always possible to answer my phone immediately so please be patient and keep trying.  If you’d like me to call you back please leave a message or send a text. I won’t contact you otherwise.  A first time booking can't be made via text or e mail and please note I don't send photos. 

When you call please take time to listen to my voice mail message, there may be some information on there regarding times I can be contacted and availability.

It’s important to confirm advanced bookings before 9.30am on the morning of the appointment day.  If this doesn’t happen I can’t guarantee to keep the booking for you.

I don’t answer withheld numbers so its a good idea to check your caller ID isn't turned off before phoning.

I’ll look forward to your call.

Tel: 07535 906297